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How to Teach Your Dog Basic Commands: Sit, Stay, Come

Dogs are smart and eager to learn, but they need guidance and consistency from their owners to master basic commands. Teaching your dog some simple commands can make your life easier and your dog happier. It can also strengthen your bond and keep your dog safe in different situations. In this article, we will show you how to teach your dog three basic commands: sit, stay and come.


Sit is one of the easiest and most useful commands to teach your dog. It can help you control your dog’s impulses, calm them down, and prepare them for other commands.

To teach your dog to sit, follow these steps:

  • Get some treats that your dog likes and hold one in your hand.
  • Stand or kneel in front of your dog and show them the treat.
  • Move the treat slowly from their nose to their head, so that they have to look up and tilt their head back.
  • As soon as their hips touch the floor, say “sit” and give them the treat and praise.
  • Repeat this several times until your dog sits reliably when you move the treat.
  • Gradually fade out the treat and use only your hand as a signal. Say “sit” and move your hand up as before, then reward your dog with a treat from your other hand or a toy or praise.
  • Practice this in different locations and with different distractions, such as other people or dogs. Always reward your dog for sitting on cue.


Stay is another important command that can help you keep your dog safe and well-behaved. It can teach your dog to wait patiently and not run off or chase something.

To teach your dog to stay, follow these steps:

  • Ask your dog to sit or lie down.
  • Hold your palm in front of their face and say “stay”.
  • Take a small step back and wait for a few seconds. If your dog stays in place, say “yes” or “good” and give them a treat and praise. If they move, say “no” or “uh-oh” and start over.
  • Gradually increase the distance and duration of the stay, but always return to your dog and reward them. Do not call them to you or throw the treat at them, as this will confuse them about what stay means.
  • Add some distractions, such as noises or toys, but do not make it too hard for your dog. Always set them up for success and reward them for staying on cue.


Come is a vital command that can save your dog’s life in an emergency. It can also make walks more enjoyable and prevent unwanted behaviors.

To teach your dog to come, follow these steps:

  • Put a leash or a long line on your dog and let them explore a safe area.
  • Wait until they are not paying attention to you, then say their name and “come” in a cheerful tone.
  • As soon as they turn their head towards you, praise them and encourage them to come to you by clapping your hands or running backwards.
  • When they reach you, give them a treat and lots of praise. You can also play with them or give them a toy as a reward.
  • Repeat this several times until your dog comes reliably when you call them.
  • Gradually increase the distance and reduce the leash length, but always keep your dog under control. Do not let them off-leash until they have a solid recall.
  • Practice this in different locations and with different distractions, such as other people or dogs. Always reward your dog for coming when called.


Teaching your dog basic commands can be fun and rewarding for both of you. It can also improve your communication and relationship with your dog. Remember to use positive reinforcement, be patient and consistent, and practice regularly. Your dog will soon learn to sit, stay and come on cue.



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